Introducing PHP 5.3 Support

We’re happy to announce that all of our servers now support PHP 5.3 (specifically PHP 5.3.8).

There are several methods of enabling 5.3 on your account while the default is still 5.2

Method 1:
Rename your script from .php to .php53

Method 2:
Login to cPanel then click “Apache Handlers” near the bottom of the screen and put the following in the top two boxes

Handler: application/x-httpd-php53
Extension(s): php

Method 3:
Add the following to your .htaccess file:

AddHandler application/x-httpd-php53 .php

If you have any questions or find any bugs please submit a support ticket.

SpamExperts Clustered Anti-Spam Solution Launched!

EzHost365 announced today it has deployed the SpamExperts Incoming Mail Filter to on all shared hosting accounts, automatically providing customers with enterprise-grade spam protection at no additional charge to them.

The hardware-based solution offers one of the industry’s most robust protections against spam, relying on public and internal anti-spam data sources to provide optimal protection. The Incoming Email Security Firewall combines more than 50 different filtering mechanisms that are continuously updated and configured to assure spam filtering is accurate and effective.

“For many of our customers, spam email creates more than just a nuisance—it also causes significant losses in productivity and can expose end users to a myriad of security threats, ranging from viruses to sophisticated phishing attacks. Unfortunately, the problem is not getting better, as many industry leaders had hoped”. “By investing in this enterprise-grade, next-generation anti-spam technology for all of our shared hosting customers, we can deliver a tangible value-add that separates us from our competitors.”

According to SpamExperts, filtering is divided into two stages. Stage 1, the SMTP-stage, analyses the behaviour and reputation of the sending server. Around 95% of all spam can already be detected at this stage. In stage 2, the content-stage, the actual content of the message is checked and the remaining 5% of spam messages are detected. Together, a spam-score probability is calculated and based on this customizable score, messages will be accepted, rejected, or quarantined.

Control your VPS from your iPhone

SolusVM have now released a basic iPhone app to Manage, Boot, Reboot, Shutdown and see the current Live Status of your virtual server.

Full details can be viewed here: and can be downloaded free of charge from the app store.

When entering the API details ensure the control panel address is entered into the “Hostname” section rather than your server IP address.


EzHost365 goes rebootless!

Offering 100% uptime is always our goal, however when it came to critical kernel updates to fix security issues we have no choice but to reboot servers. However, thanks to Ksplice there is now a solution.

Keeping up to date with kernel updates is extremely important and often fixes important security holes. In 2009 there were 16 released, each requires a reboot which takes around 15 minutes to complete. This means there would have been a total of 4 hours downtime just to update the kernel. Ksplice allows us to perform these updates without rebooting and without any impact on performance.

The other advantage is that we can apply patches instantly. We no longer need to plan ahead and give a few days notice of an impending reboot, during this time the server may be open to an exploit causing obvious security problems.

Ksplice is now installed on all shared and VPS servers. It is also included free of charge on all managed dedicated servers

VPS now with Snapshot Backups!

We’re pleased to announce that our VPS servers now come complete with snapshot backups.

This new feature allows any VPS user to click ‘Central Backups’ within their VPS control panel and take a snapshot of their server. This will then be transferred off-site and kept indefinitely, the server can also be restored from this backup within seconds with the click of a button.

The complete server is backed up including all files, databases, configuration settings and any applications installed on the server. This is ideal for taking a quick backup before performing a software upgrade or new installation incase the work doesn’t go as planned.

We allow each server to keep one snapshot by default, if a second is generated it would simply overwrite the first. However if you would like the option to keep more backups on our central server, please contact us.