Control your VPS from your iPhone

SolusVM have now released a basic iPhone app to Manage, Boot, Reboot, Shutdown and see the current Live Status of your virtual server.

Full details can be viewed here: and can be downloaded free of charge from the app store.

When entering the API details ensure the control panel address is entered into the “Hostname” section rather than your server IP address.


VPS now with Snapshot Backups!

We’re pleased to announce that our VPS servers now come complete with snapshot backups.

This new feature allows any VPS user to click ‘Central Backups’ within their VPS control panel and take a snapshot of their server. This will then be transferred off-site and kept indefinitely, the server can also be restored from this backup within seconds with the click of a button.

The complete server is backed up including all files, databases, configuration settings and any applications installed on the server. This is ideal for taking a quick backup before performing a software upgrade or new installation incase the work doesn’t go as planned.

We allow each server to keep one snapshot by default, if a second is generated it would simply overwrite the first. However if you would like the option to keep more backups on our central server, please contact us.

Linux VPS Servers Available Now

If you have outgrown your shared plan or just prefer the extra flexability of your own server without the cost of a dedicated server, a VPS is the ideal upgrade. Your VPS will run in it’s own isolated environment and allows you to install your own software or server applications.

Your VPS server comes with it’s own dedicated resources with a guaranteed equal-share of CPU power and a predefined amount of RAM. You are also able to burst up to double your guaranteed RAM.

All servers also come with an easy to use yet comprehensive control panel, allowing you to reboot and reload your server in an instant.

For more information, click ‘VPS Servers‘ at the top of the page.